Thursday, April 14, 2011

What kayak should I buy?

Thinking about buying a kayak but have no clue where to start? The truth is there is a lot to think about when buying a kayak. There are several factors to consider since buying the wrong kayak will change your experience on the water.

First think you will want to think about is what exactly will you be using your kayak for? Will this be a strictly fishing kayak or will you also be using it for pleasure trips. The reason you should think about this is because rigging out your kayak for strictly fishing will limit what you can do for pleasure trips. Therefore if you are interested in using your kayak for both fishing and pleasure you are going to be looking for comfort and storage.
When buying a kayak, you will want to take into consideration these important factors:
Your weight: This is important because the more you weigh the less stable your kayak will be. So if you are looking at buying a smaller kayak you will have issues with your kayak flipping over no matter how well you handle yourself in the yak, this will not be an issue in a wider kayak.
Do you have a need for speed? :Are you interested in your yak being able to pick up and go? There are specific kayaks designed to cut through the water, this makes such a difference when you have a large area you are planning on covering. Doing research will go a long way when picking out a fast kayak. The narrower and longer the kayak the faster your kayak will go.
Is weight an issue? : How often will you be kayaking alone? Yaks can get very heavy, how often will you not have anyone to help you load and unload your kayak? This is something to think about especially because at the end of a kayaking trip you can be very exhausted. The heavier the kayak the slower it will move on the water.

Don't be shy about testing kayaks out. Sit in the kayak, if at all possible take it out for a ride and make sure you are comfortable in it before sending that kind of money. Renting a kayak and trying different styles and ones with different weight is always a good idea before buying. As mentioned in previous post, kayaks are not something you have to buy new. Check out kayak rentals and see if they have any used kayaks at a discounted price. Posting ad's on craiglist is always very useful, we have bought several kayaks dirt cheap off craigslist for very decent yaks. Just remember to look over it thoroughly looking for cracks, stress points, holes and deep scratches.
Happy Yaking, and as always, be safe out on the water!