Sunday, May 30, 2010

River Kayaking- My favorite means of transportation

I really do not have a whole lot to say on river kayaking, we really only river kayak when we go camping and it is a blast!
One of my favorite river Kayaking trips was when we went camping and we took a midnight run down the river. We had brought head lamps for light, but once we got to the water we realized the moonlight was more then enough for us and we just cruised in the silence of the night. It was something else!
I know people who enjoy searching out different places to kayak, and one in particular place is here in Texas.
A scout leader leads a group down the river in kayaks, fishing along the way. It is about a 3 hour ride and when they get to where they are going it is a secluded cave area where they pop a tent, light a fire and cook the fish they caught. Although I have never had the privilege of taking this trip, I can not wait until my son is old enough to enjoy something like that, so we can find our own yearly tradition.
Another popular kayak trip I have heard about is also here in Texas up in the Kirrville area, where there is a group that takes a weekend long kayaking trip down the river stopping at night to sleep under the stars getting up in the morning and starting all over again.
Those are pretty mild kayaking trips that I just refereed to, there are some much more exciting kayak river trips you can take down crazy rapids, also kayak
But as for me and my kayak, we stick to the local rivers of southern Texas, enjoying the scenery and chilling out with friends. Remember if you are looking to do some casual kayaking, check out your local river for a smooth glassy ride.

Kayak Fishing, The most fun you will have catching fish!

Kayak Fishing really is so much fun!
I have heard some really great stories of Kayak fishing in Alaska, being pulled down the river in the Alaskan forest by massive Salmon... but that is a different story for a different day.
Since salt water fishing is what I know, salt water Kayak fishing is what I will speak of.
First you need to decide what kind of fishing you would like to do.
Will you be throwing artificial lures, live bait or the becoming ever more popular fly fishing?
Depending on the kind of fishing you choose, Kayak choice is very important. For instance, with fly fishing you will want a kayak stable enough to stand up on. If you will be traveling long distance to catch your fish of choice, you will want to choose a faster kayak.
If you will be carrying a lot of gear, you will want to choose a kayak that can carry a lot of weight.
You could even consider a kayak from factory that is set up for fishing like an “angler package” but if you are interested in going that route, it is much cheaper to rig your own kayak, you'll need to spend sometime doing research and make sure you shop around to get the best deals.
No matter what you fancy, be prepared.
Never, ever ever apply sunscreen in your kayak, the fish will smell it and will steer clear.
Safety is of the utmost importance since it is so easy to get distracted with fishing and forget you are in a kayak.
Once you are heading to your spot, remember to creep in slowly to sneak up on the fish, you don't want to spook them before even having a chance.
Kayak fishing is one of the most enjoyable means of fishing, so no matter what kind of fishing you choose or what kind of kayak you choose, make sure you always have fun!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kayaking,even with a broken toe

Well, I thought I would share a picture.
This was from last summer, and my son and I were heading out to paddle around the back bay. We stopped in at the local gas station to get some drinks and snacks and on our way in, I slammed my toe in the door going in and I would have never guessed that pain! I broke 3 toes!!! So I went into the DR got an x-ray just to make sure I didn't do some major damage, (one toe was just hanging there) so the dr bandaged up my toe (no different then I could have done myself) And we still hit the water. It was actually one of the nicest days we have had out there.
Moral of the story... Not even broken toes can keep me from the water!