My top 5 destinationa for enjoyable kayaking in the United States.

#1: I will start with Bellingham Washington. 
Not just because I am from Washington and was raised there or because all my family live up there no not only for those reasons, because non of those reasons mean anything to you. 
The reason I pick Bellingham wa as my number 1 pick, is because of the scenery that you will see no where else in the world. 
You can pay $175 to have a professional guided kayaking tour WHALE WATCHING. Yes Whale Watching in a kayak Bordering the famous and beautiful San Juan Islands.  Does that not just sound  amazing, now imagine seeing it, being there and feeling it. Kayaking next to some of the most beautiful islands watching for one of the most beautiful creatures in the water it is days like these you are thankful to be alive. 
If you are ever looking for a kayaking adventure vacation I highly recommend the Bellingham Washington area 3 hours north of Seattle you will not only never regret this but it will stick in your mind for a lifetime, that is priceless.
On a side note, bring your passport while you are there, Bellingham is only 45 mins from Canada where you can escape into a whole new world of really cool things to see and places to go.
Check out Chuckanut drive, a world famous scenic road about 1 hour long, in that 1 hour see the San Juan Islands, apple orchards and much more.
Picture courtesy of: sea quest


#2: Yosemite National Park-  ^ Picture is of Tuolumne  River,

What is great about Yosemite National Park, CA is, it really is unmatched in beauty. You will never regret making this trip. Pack your bathing suit and prepare for some amazing Kayaking. 1,200 square miles of scenic wild grounds. Embedded in a valley, you can enjoy kayaking in the beautiful rivers, streams and lakes, yes the view from your kayak will blow your mind.  The pictures you will get will forever plant this vacation as the most memorable. Pictures of Yosemite National Park
Yosemite is located 3 hours 45 mins from San Fransisco. 

#3: Lake Oconee, Georgia Lake Oconee is a treat for kayak lovers. Located in Greene County, Georgia (not too far from Atlanta) 

Camping is extraordinary at lake Oconee. Kayak Fish all day, cook up your fish at night.
The scenery is at times surreal.  Kayak Fishing at Lake Oconee makes for a great family vacation that will save you some money. Lake Oconee is not a destination for someone looking to have a hard core kayak adventure, but rather a family destination for some relaxing kayak fishing with beautiful scenery.
Lake Oconee is home to tournament Bass fishing. You can also expect to catch catfish, depending on what your looking for but these are the most common and popular fish in Lake Oconee.

#4: Fox Island, Alaska-

Located 14 miles from Seward, Alaska, Fox Island is thought to be some of the best kayaking/kayak fishing in the World. Although deciding what is "the best" is determined by what exactly you are looking for.  Fox Island made my top 10 for it's picturesque views and Natural beauty that is seems to be unmatched.
The reason Fox Island for me made #4 is location, as most people will never make it here.
That being said, let me tell you why it deserves attention. Kayaking here at Fox Island you will see wildlife most people will never see in person such as, whales, sea otters, sea lions, various birds all the while being surrounded by miles of pebbled beaches, rainforest, cliffs waterfalls and so much more. Pack your waterproof camera and prepare to be amazed. Guided excursions are available and encouraged to get the most out of your experience on Fox Island.
Fox Island is worth the travel efforts, to kayak in this amazing part of the world.

#5: Frio River, ConCan,tx

Now unlike the other 4 on this list, you will not find the wildlife and unbelievable surroundings here on the frio river. What you will find is a peaceful serenity. You will find a real, hometown feel in the very very small town and the beautiful Frio water is always clear down to the bottom. Cruising in your kayak on the Frio River will create a memory you will never forget. Rent one of the hundreds of cabins, houses or pitch a tent at one of the many camping spots, come prepared with your kayak, swimming gear and camera because the Frio river is one that will deliver.

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