Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kayak paddling- tools for beginners

There are a few tools Essential for being on the water, such as: Life Jacket and a whistle, these items are required by law. (at least in Texas)
But, there are also a few "fun tools" that make being on the water in your kayak even more enjoyable.
One of my favorite items I keep with me at all times in my kayak is my Olympus stylus tough 8010- Digital camera. This camera is amazing. waterproof up to 33ft, freeze and shockproof, in other words nearly indestructible and perfect for being in your kayak.(As A side note, if you are going to buy this camera, you will want to protect your investment with a silicone casing and floating strap, you can purchase both of these items as a combo, running you no more then $15.00)
Another must have for most, is a simple water proof box that you can clip onto something secure in your Kayak and keep things such as a form of identification, cell phone and maybe even a snack. This waterproof sealed box will not cost you more then $10 and it definitely is a must have.
The essentials list for your kayaking enjoyment can also include things as simple as a lightweight Paddle. This may seem like a small thing, but trust me when I tell you, your arms will thank you! When you spend hours on the water every little convenience helps.
You will also need to determine the right kayak for you. The right Kayak varies by person and will make a huge difference in Kayaking being a true enjoyment. We will get more into this in my next blog and explore the varieties of kayaks and why research is well worth your time when it come's to buying your kayak.


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