Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Is Kayaking for YOU?

The truth is, Kayaks are not for everyone.
This sport takes time and effort. But is so well worth it if you have an appreciation for the water, serenity and ultimate fishing. We'll take this one step at a time. Kayak adventures differ as far as where you live. I am from South Texas and we have tons of cool little back bays to take the Kayak out in. As well as close access to recreation rivers.
The reason it is so much fun down here is because on a Kayak you can paddle to places boats can not get to. You can kayak in areas that are only a foot deep in the water. You can creep back into secluded areas where fish are not expecting you and those fishing holes are virtually untouched. If fishing is not your game, the pure exercise aspect and feelings of peace and serenity on the open water while Kayak Paddling is unreal.
Another highlight of Kayak paddling, is after the initial cost the upkeep is minimal. Unlike a boat that requires constant maintenance and expensive gas, you pick out the Kayak for you, and your ready to hit the water.
If any or all of these examples sound good to you, then Kayak Paddling is for you. My next blog will contain information on where to find the best deals on kayaks, paddles,all accessories, and how to determine if the kayak is right for you.


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