Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No Shoes- No Phones, No computers... just you and your kayak

Where I live we are no more then 10 min's to the water. I needed to go over to Port Aransas today, which is a cute little island that you access by a free ferry-only a 3 min ferry ride, but still nice-anyways I am on my way out to the island and I am crossing over the causeway, a two lane road surrounded by water, I look to my left and see a group of kayakers. I instantly feel jealous. Yes Jealous that they were enjoying the ridiculously hot day in their kayaks, and I was stuck in my car with A/c blowing and my phone ringing non stop. Yes I would have gladly traded my artificial air, for the humid salty air they were clearly enjoying.
It was a beautiful sight to see though, they were graciously cruising around the channel with the beautiful lighthouse gleaming in the far distance behind them.
If I could have, I would have stopped right then and their and snapped a picture, but for now, for today it is only in my memory and now in yours.


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